The Product


The Products

There is a Rusty Lopez for each and every member of the family. The wide range of merchandise will definitely not leave any member of the family empty handed. The men's footwear line consists of casual, formal and athletic while the women's line consists of formal and casual. Complete your outfit and worry no more with Rusty Lopez apparel and accessories.

From casual to formal, from outdoor to corporate, you'll surely find what you need. Oh and don't forget the children because there's Rusty Lopez kids too! Rusty Lopez kids have a variety of footwear for the young ones including the basics such as school and casual as well as sporty and formal footwear.

Each brand under the Rusty Lopez group of companies caters to a particular market to assure that the needs of the market are met. Rusty Lopez remains to be the classic. Varied, all-around, and for everyone, that's what Rusty Lopez is. Men's, Ladies, Kids, Footwear, Apparel and Accessories, there's always a good find in Rusty Lopez.

The Centro Group houses are:
  Centropelle the high-end brand showcasing high-fashion ladies’ footwear,
  Maritalia the genuine leather men’s shoes by Rusty Lopez’s very own Maritalia and
  Bags Unlimited the newest addition to the group and the company carrying all types of fashionable and
  high-quality ging from casual, evening, school, travel and even laptop bags.
  Russ is the brand primarily for the youth. Streetwear for teens (both boys and girls) is its character.
  Russ also carries school shoes that are made from synthetic leather. Compared to Centropelle and
  Rusty Lopez, Russ has a lower price point to be able to reach out to its primary market-the youth.
  Walk-over is a consignor-based brand which is limited to boys and girls’ school shoes made of
  synthetic leather. Its affordable price makes it competitive given its consignor-based set-up.
  Azaleia on the other hand is the company’s franchise from Brazil. Having the working class as its
  primary market, Azaleia offers ladies’ shoes that vary from casual, formal and evening.

Conqueror International is managed by a team of qualified and experienced employees and infused with new blood to keep the company young, alive and innovative. Its various marketing strategies include direct selling to specialty retailers, over- seas importers and wholesalers. With its own manufacturing arm, Rusty Lopez is capable of producing the high demand but not sacrificing the quality and competitive, reasonable SRP.